Organizational management and intelligence

I'm a systems thinking business analyst focused on organizational management and intelligence.
My expertise is the interaction between data, models and control.

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Most of the time I start my story with the fact that I've been driven by curiosity for as long as a I can remember. Now I've repeated this so often that I believe it myself. On this journey of learning I've visited domains of knowledge like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, linguistics, ecology, astronomy, computer science, etcetera. I've found out a few things about the nature of (my) life and the universe.

But the trouble is: I don't know how to use or communicate the incredible conclusions I've come to. This is really frustrating. To handle it, I've framed it as a protective mechanism of the ecosystem that I am a part of. Having parked that problem, I can function as a regular guy and do my work as a business analyst within the Dutch tax office.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a lot of small, random things to find out if I can stir up, or rather expand, my phase-space. Of course, without destroying the homeostatic aspects me and my environment are attached to or highly dependent on. I don't want to become something like a earth-shattering comet or supervillain. I'm driven by the joy and wonder I expect to be able to experience and create for myself and others who are ready for it. I have no idea if this can or will happen in my lifetime. But even keeping this option open as an option adds to my joy already.

Looking back, I can look back in peace upon the struggle I've had with myself and others. I found out stuff without an effective mentor or guru around, so I had to do it by myself. That's why I'm not planning to share my findings with others directly. It would spoil, to speak with Feynman, the pleasure of finding things out.

The big lessons of life should be learned on a personal journey (maybe secretly helped by some master), not be implemented by an effective teacher. They are unproveable anyways. Therefore, if you want to pick up something from me or my online activities: you'll have to sift through, to find your gold. Resources you can look through are:

The destination counts as much as the journey. And for a starting point, I'd recommend today is to read a book from William Ross Ashby, Chris Argyris or David Bohm. And ask yourself: How far can I take this this?

That concludes my short story. I hope you got something out of it. Now, would you tell Twitter about me or clap in your hands twice?

Thanks! And have a great day,

[[ English is not my native language. ]]