Bastiaan van Gils

Systems theory, information theory and social psychology to improve organizations.

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After I studied Applied Physics, I got interested in human cooperation. During the time I worked as management consultant, I experienced and studied how people did (not) cooperate effectively. I researched topics like behaviour, communication, language, cognition, systems theory, group dynamics, emotions, etcetera. Slowly but surely I became an expert in questions regarding managing, improving and stabilizing organizations and the people working therein.

On this site you'll find what I've done, what I've read and what I've written.

Organizations keep people busy, occasionally entertain them, give them a variety of experiences, keep them off the streets, provide pretexts for story-telling, and allow socializing. They haven't anything else to give.
-- Karl Weick, The social psychology of organizing
(second edition, 1979)

[[ English is not my native language. ]]